Omniblue : ethymology

Merger between the Latin root Omnis for everybody” and Blue.”

Omniblue means “the blue for everybody!”

The omega symbol (Ω) is the “mother“, the sea, the ocean.

It also means the end of earthly life and renewal of all things

Freediving is a sensory experience for a revival, as when a freediver backs to the surface with a smile!

The experience Omniblue

First, learn at their own pace and security

Access to “the blue” is possible for all of us … In total freedom and with a light equipment.

Omniblue offers services and training adapted to the pace and desires of each!

Some will be curious scubadivers and want to experiment; others will be snorkelers who want to approach the fish without scaring them away (yes, that’s possible!)

On one hand, a person describing himself as a “nonaquatic”, will become aware of your breath and live underwater unexpected experience.

On the other, a good freediver will change radically improving his technique with the guidance of a personal trainer.

All these people can live the wonderful experience that provides freediving.

Each immersion will be supervised by a trained and qualified instructor to manage all technical aspects specific to this activity.

Small reminder of the first rule in freedive : Never practice alone!



In conclusion, here’s the second rule, which best describes the spirit of Omniblue:

The FUN comes first !”