After two months of exploration on land and in the sea, training and organization of a “stage test”, I am happy to announce that the freediving school Omniblue has partnered up with Dumagat Freedive ! Dumagat Freedive is a freediving school that opened in November 2014, in the Philippines.
This school is run by my friend Emil Lars, an SSI and WSF instructor.


Dumagat freedive is located on the island of Romblon.
This island of 90km2, with 38 000 inhabitants has a certain charm!

Dumagat_Omniblue_VillageIndeed, among the many islands that make up the Philippines, Romblon is still undiscovered by Western tourists (not for long…). This is for me a good thing ! In two months of adventures and trials on this island, I met around twenty tourists … And most of them living there ! So, we are immersed in a change of scenery, surrounded by enthusiastic and motivated individuals to help us discover the secrets of Romblon and its surroundings …
The freediving school is at twenty minutes from the port (by tricycle), suspended next to the sea, in the resort owned and managed by Yvan, a nice and relaxed guy from the French side of Switzerland and his warm and friendly Filipina wife Cling.

Dumagat_Omniblue_YvanMarble beach is composed of several bungalows and houses that can accommodate a limited number of people. Therefore, a friendly and peaceful atmosphere is all around… The calm is everywhere, from the largest coconut leaves to the slightest grain of sand on the small beach of the resort …

Dumagat_Omniblue_BeachThe bungalows are literally “feet in the water“, each with its own staircase leading to the sea!

Dumagat_Omniblue_Bungalow02And for the practice of freediving, it’s just perfect ! Marble Beach is located next to a marine reserve (a sanctuary)! It is possible to snorkel whenever you want and to see some beautiful corals and very friendly fish !

Dumagat_Omniblue_Clown_fishIf you want to train you have to know in front of Marble Beach, a droop starts around 15-20m and slopes down to 45m… Then very quickly, 70m of depth will be under your fins!
With the help of Yvan, a very experienced scuba diving instructor, we’ve installed fixed marker buoys, ranging from 25m to 65m in depth. The deepest buoy is within a 5-minute swim.

Dumagat_Omniblue_Point_of_viewIt is with strong foundation that Emil and I decided to organize a “stage test” with some friends who wanted to visit me… (Thanks Lulu, Olivier, Francine and Benoît :))

Dumagat_Omniblue_StageAfter more than 10 days of experimentation, proposals for activities ranging from simple coaching to a boat day trip (with a lot of adventures :)), through explorations of the island and yoga sessions more or less difficult, we have achieved the right balance … the right balance of activities – from snorkeling, relaxing, to discovering the island with our future trainees !

Dumagat_Omniblue_TrainingWith this experience and because of we want to keep the family friendly atmosphere of Marble Beach, we choose to offer this stage for 6 people maximum. They will be supervised by Emil of Dumagat Freedive in the Philippines and myself of Omniblue Freedive in France (Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, Côte d’azur) !
We keep the perfect number of three students per instructor. This system ensures comfort and fast and efficient progress ! 🙂

So I will give you a more details in an other article after the summer season (in France) to explain in more details about the internship program that we will be proposed in 2016

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

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