“Discovery apnea” – duration: 4h

Highlighting the practice. This discovery will aim to give you the basics of breathing and the first sensations of immersion in apnea. Perfect for a totally beginner. It is aimed at families, people who want to discover a new activity, but also people who are uncomfortable in the water. I will be able to adapt this moment of discovery to the needs and desires of each one.

If you are already a webbed hiker, hunter or bottle diver and you are comfortable in the liquid element, you will be able to go to training courses including theory and specific exercises. And so give you access to the first sensations related to depth!

“Initiation to depth” – 2 days

This training will give you the essential keys to initiation to depth. One of the objectives will be to reach the area 16 to 20m deep. This area is accessible to the greatest number of you! Simply get the right basics and the right technical reflexes.


3 training at sea
2 theoretical courses
1 session Static / Dynamic
Practical and theoretical examination

“Perfectionnement” – 3 days

This training will aim to consolidate the achievements and reach depths between 24 and 30m. We will fine-tune each phase of constant weight discipline, including “Free Fall”. We will also go further on the physiological mechanisms related to apnea.


4 training at sea
3 theoretical courses
2 sessions Static / Dynamic
Practical and theoretical examination

Terms of Access

For the apnea discovery

From 12 years (if minor provide parental permission)

For the initiation to the depth and the improvement

Provide a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of apnea less than one year (since evolution to more than 6m of depth envisaged)
From 16 years (if minor provide parental permission)


As part of a specific training or internship, you will have the opportunity to validate the prerogatives of an AIDA level and obtain a certification card. This will enable you to evolve in various national and international structures in autonomy in the prerogatives of your level.